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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?


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Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?


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Why Coaching?

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Why coaching?


Are you unsure of your purpose now that your children have left the nest? It can feel lonely and we can find ourselves wondering who we are? Who do we want to be? It is a time of transition and we can feel stuck. I know because I was there!

Here's the exciting news

I can help you turn this transition into a time of transformation. Together we can look within and discover who you are, what your purpose is and how you can create a new, richer vista for yourself.

From empty nest to unlimited growth

We work on finding out who you want to be moving forward and identify your personal and professional goals. We reprioritize relationships with your significant other or friends that took a back seat when you were parenting full time. We reconnect you to your community to find a fulfilling life that is rich and meaningful.

Let's get started

It helps to have a partner as we work towards our desired goals. I support you as  you create your new world. I am wholly focused on you reaching your goals without judgement or attachment to the outcome. I know how amazing it is to clear away the obstacles that are obstructing your view so you are able to experience a whole new landscape.  I'm ready to get to work, are you?

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My story


Welcome to the wonderful world of Empty Nest Coaching! I want to share with you my story and how I came to love partnering with people to work through this particular life transition.

I was a classroom teacher for many years. I loved working with my students! Every day my goal was to support their self generative learning and teach them  to develop tools for resilience when they were knocked off center by life's challenges. It was a rewarding job that felt full of purpose.

In my personal life I was happily married, raising two amazing girls who were quickly getting ready to leave home and move on to college. I started to panic because I knew this would be a challenging and scary transition in my life. I was a mom for so many years, who would I be without that daily identity? At the same time, I was feeling restless in the classroom and I didn’t feel like teaching was the right fit anymore. I had that “oh shit” moment where I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do anymore. It was frightening and uncomfortable. After talking with the wise souls in my life, I was able to realize that this was a moment of transformation and could be exciting, empowering and fulfilling for me! I was no longer dreading this but looking forward to the challenge. I got down to the business of metamorphosis.

I looked into my own personal development and trained in Presence Based Coaching and Resilience. I found a new calling that fed my soul. I prioritized my personal relationships and reconnected to my community in ways that made my life richer and more meaningful. Who knew life could feel so full in an empty nest!

Everyday I partner with people who are ready to rediscover themselves and undergo a powerful transformation. I have been described as the ultimate cheerleader who supports my clients unconditionally as they move to the next phase in their life. I help people discover the wisdom within using humor and compassion. 

When I am not connecting with my clients, I am hiking with my husband and our dogs, having joyful "play dates" at the gym with friends or spending treasured time with my girls during their visits home.

I love helping my clients discover how full their empty nest can be!!!


Kind Words

I love that Sara chose the name “Vista Coaching” for her practice because it really speaks to the value I’ve gotten through my work with her. When I enter a coaching session with Sara, I usually have a sense of what’s bugging me, but really no idea how to move forward. By the end of our session, I can see not only what issues are at play but also the role I have in the situation at hand. This perspective, combined with Sara’s insightful questions, humor and abiding kindness allow me to envision real solutions and new possibilities that I couldn’t find on my own. 
--EOB, Massage Therapist, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I love working with Sara. She is positive, warm, and wise. I can show up however I'm feeling that day and will walk away from our conversation feeling more clear and confident in whatever challenge I am facing. I always look forward to our calls and am so grateful to have her in my life.

--ALE, Business Owner, Colorado

Sara has an incredible gift of honing into who you really are as a person. Not only 

is she able to effortlessly guide you towards what you are trying to achieve, she does it in a way that you discover you have all the answers to actually do what you might have been resisting or were afraid to do. Her presence, her humor, and her deep insights are a rare and true find.

---TL,Critically Acclaimed Actor from the series Ozark , Brooklyn, NY

Sara is an amazing coach. Her love and humor shine through each coaching session, while she gently guides you to look deeply and honestly into your heart.  She helps you see past the extraneous, unhelpful clutter to what is true and right for you.  

With Sara’s guidance, I was able to find real clarity for myself.  I now feel that I can move forward on a path that combines my strengths and gifts into a career that I am excited about!  I left our sessions with a plan and measurable steps towards achieving my goals. 

--HB, Financial Specialist, Asheville, NC

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